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-The subjects that are first published in our website is written in bold letters.If you have seen the subjects written in bold letters in anywhere else before, please write to our website.

- You can send us your questions and comments about our website :



-Automatic Indexing Head

 An easy to build indexing head.

-Easy Gearbox

 A very easy to build gear box with only two shafts.

-Easy Mandrel

A simple mandrel from a small plastic part that you can find in jack plugs.

 -Remote Control

You can check if your remote control is working or not, by your cell phone

 -Measuring Tape Powered Toy Car

 Playing with a toy car using a measuring tape.


 An easy to find U-joint.

-Easy To Make Worm Gear

 You can easily make a worm gear by winding a wire to a screw.

-Paper Plane

 A different paper plane design.

-An Indexing Head with worm gear

 An easy to build indexing head with a worm gear.

-Roller Bearing

 You can find a small roller bearing in a broken hard disc.

-A  Different Vise

 A modified vise

-Carton Flier

 A model plane that you can build in 10 minutes.


 A great 3D modelling software.Anim8or is written by R. Steven Glanville.

 Its web site is

-Table Football

 An interesting table football match.


 An imaginary flying car.

-Fire Rescue Box

 An engineer or  expert should check it.Maybe it can help.

-Angora Cat

 An automata of Angora cat.

-Circle Cutter

 A homemade circle cutter.

-Quick Mates

 Quick mates in chess

-Robot and Wheel

 A comparison of a robot walking and a wheel.

-Thermal Paper

 An easy to find thermal paper

-Information Display

 A toy for children.

-DVD Rom Gear box

 A gear box in a DVD Rom

-Robot Arm

 A robot arm mechanism

 -Small Magnets

 Easy to find small magnets

-Plastic Spring

 An easy to make plastic spring

-Interesting maths

 Interesting maths calculations I've found in puzzle books and internet

-Driving a nail with a vise

 Driving a nail into wood with a vise

-Cutting Circles Easily

 Cutting a circle easily from a plastic board

-Wire Template

 You can make shapes from wires with a template.The template is made by placing nails onto wood.

 -Koza Car

 A small toy car

 -Preparing your own crossword puzzles easily

 You can prepare your own crossword puzzles easily.

 -Accurate slide mechanism

 An accurate slide mechanism that you can build easily

 -Easy sound effects

 Prepare sound effects easily

 -A different mechanism

A different mechanism like a universal joint

 -Mechanisms from angle irons

You can make lots of mechanisms using easy to find angle irons.

 -Robot animation

 An animation of a robot arm.

 -Mechanisms made using plastic snap fasteners

 Fixed or moving mechanisms made using plastic snap fasteners.

 -Magnet-spring comparison

Magnets, magnetic fields and springs

 -Simple Toy Sailing Boat

 An easy to build sail boat

 -Antenna Tripod

 A tripod made from old antennas

 -Interesting pictures-1

 A clock design

 -Straight sides

 A visual illusion

 -Simple Spinningtop

 This spinningtop can turn for more than 10 minutes on a smooth surface.

 -Simple bevel gears from lids

 Using lids as bevel gears

-Simple Gearbox

 A very simple to build gearbox.

 -Slide mechanism from zipper lock bags

 A Slide mechanism that can be built easily from zipper lock bags

 -Simple Universal Joint

 An easy to build universal joint that can be built in a short time.

 -Interesting Pictures 2

 'Smiling House'

 -Triangle Drawer

 A tool designed by us for drawing triangles easily, 

-Interesting pictures 3

Robots playing a game

-Models from foam

Simple model making from foam.

-Dual Rubberband System For Model Planes

A rubberband system that two rubberbands turn the model plane's propeller.

-An interesting machine

A Casio fx 710p, I bought from a 2. hand shop.


A U-Joint animation we prepared.

-Imaginary designs-1

Koza robot

-Materials for building and repairing a simple model plane

You can find these materials for building and repairing a simple model plane easily.

-Simple Triangle Drawer

A simple tool we designed to draw a triangle easily.

-A short video of the double rubberband mechanism for model planes.

A different rubberband mechanism we designed for model planes

-Walnut sparrow

A sparrow model made from walnut

-Conductive foam

A conductive foam that you can use in some do it yourself projects.

-A wheel for small toys and models

An easy to build wheel for toys and small models.

-Cutable Magnet

A magnet which is easy to cut and shape

Imaginary designs 2

A different helicopter



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